High pressure hoses

Hose 3000bar
High pressure hoses 
High pressure hoses wit hworking pressure up to 3000 bar, in varius diameters and lengths. With rubber or synthetic thermoplastic cover.  




Rigid lances 
Metallic rigid lances in all diameters up to 3500 bar.  
Length up to 6 m.  
Extension rigid lance system for rotary kilns (Cement industry, magnesite production).  




Safety equipment



TST UHP Waterjetting unmark 800

Strain relief devices for high pressure hoses 
Strain relief devices give extra safety to the user in case of failure to the hose fitting.  



Foot valves with mechanical valve or mechanical plus electric signal. Working pressure up to 1500 bar. Foot valves give to the operator the oportunity to have his hands free in order to work with other devices.  





Protection clothing

Are you looking for a complete assortment of personnel protection equipment for hydro demolition, water jetting and blasting at High and Ultra High Pressures (HP and UHP).
TST Sweden's clothes are developed to offer the best possible comfort, at the same time as they protect from water jets up to 3000 bar/43,5 kpsi. We are convinced that only comfortable clothes are beeing used! One important option, available for Trousers and Overall, is the Ventilation.
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The product range includes the popular Gamma kit, Delta Kit, Sigma kit as well as Jacket, Trousers, Apron, Hand Protections, Gaiters, Boots, Shroud, Connection Cover and Curtain.


All type of Nozzles - Up to 3000 bar

nozzles14 Skipjak



Abrasive wet blaster 
System that attached to the high pressure gun and uses high pressure water jet with abrsive media for blasting. Working pressure up to 1000 bar.

Pipeline cleaning system

TubeMaster 3
TubeMaster 1500
TubeMaster 1500 2

System for cleaning pipelines from hard deposits, up to 600 m length.


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 TubeMaster® 1500

Non-linear pipes and pipes with diameters up 500 mm find their master in the TubeMaster® made by WOMA. A rotating pressure hose-, located at the end of the nozzle, - is the basis of its efficiency. With the help of a hose feeding device, the hose is pushed continuously into the tube to be cleaned.

In doing so, the TubeMaster® follows the curves of the tube and ensures that maximum cleaning performance with operating pressure of up to 1,500 bar under very light geometries. An unique feature is that:  the TubMaster® is capable of reeling in the hose during operations. Hose lengths over 200 m assure unlimited fields of application and allow for flexibility of use on any job site.








Abrasive waterjet cutting system






Systems for water jet abrasive cutting in steel and concrete. The systems are Ex – proof and can be used for cutting pipelines and storage tanks in refineries.

Reinforced concrete cutting 




Pipeline cutting 


Steel cutting 




Abrasive cutting system with working pressure up to 3000 bar. The system has ATEX certificate and it is the ideal tool for cutting works in refineries.