Pipeline cleaning system

TubeMaster 3
TubeMaster 1500
TubeMaster 1500 2

System for cleaning pipelines from hard deposits, up to 600 m length.


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 TubeMaster® 1500

Non-linear pipes and pipes with diameters up 500 mm find their master in the TubeMaster® made by WOMA. A rotating pressure hose-, located at the end of the nozzle, - is the basis of its efficiency. With the help of a hose feeding device, the hose is pushed continuously into the tube to be cleaned.

In doing so, the TubeMaster® follows the curves of the tube and ensures that maximum cleaning performance with operating pressure of up to 1,500 bar under very light geometries. An unique feature is that:  the TubMaster® is capable of reeling in the hose during operations. Hose lengths over 200 m assure unlimited fields of application and allow for flexibility of use on any job site.