Dry ice blasting is an enviromental friendly cleaning technique

How does cleaning with dry ice work?
The dry ice pellets drop from the blasting system ice hopper into a dispensing device and are then accelerated by com-pressed air. The blasting medium is blasted through precise high-performance nozzles onto the surface being cleaned by compressed air.

The sudden cooling (-79 °C) on the surface renders the layer of soiling brittle, releases it from the subsurface (thermal effect), and it will then be completely removed by the subsequent dry ice pellets (mechanical effect). Unlike the familiar sand blasting method, this cleaning method does not damage the surface.

Advantages of Dry ice blasting
• Enviromental friendly technique
• No damage in the blasted surfaces
• Dry ice pellets sublime completely after blasting. No residues.
• No waste such as water and sand, like the classic methods of hydroblasting and sandblasting

Applications of Dry ice blasting
• Facade, building cleaning
• Restoration of buildings after fire
• Machinery shops
• Printing machines
• Food and drink industries
• Restaurants
• Chemical industries
• Refineries – petrochemicals
• Cleaning of electric cabinets
• Plastic –polymers industries
• Resin industries
• Foundries
• Metallic constructions
• Aerospace industry
• Rubber production


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