Bundle Extractors


Aerial bundle extractors up to 45 T
The Aerial Tube Bundle Extractor is a self contained unit, which is easily lifted into position by just one crane and can be operated by remote control.
Because the unit is equipped with a small diesel engine, it can work independently at any place.
The Extractor is standard equipped with a spark arrestor and it can even be equipped with a chalwin valve to make it possible to work even in dangerous areas.














Truck mounted bundle extractor
The Truck Mounted Bundle Extractor is a machine which is developed in order to extract and push back horizontal bundles which are located at a height between 500 and 7000 mm and with a maximum weight of 20 tons. Due to it’s unique and patented design, this machine is not only designed to pull and push back bundles, it can also be used to transport the bundles to the cleaning slab. Therefore it is highly appreciated in all the refineries and in the petrochemical sector.

The main advantage is that you don’t need a crane any more, which will reduce your costs and bring your downtime back to a minimum. Less organisation is needed.







Self propelled bundle extractor
The new self propelled bundle extractor is designed to handle large number of bundles during maintenance shutdowns in combination with our aerial extractors for the bundles at high locations. The extractor has 2 steering axles in order to reduce the turning radius and to be able to drive diagonally to reach bundles in the most difficult aria’s.

The height of the extractor has been reduced to 3.35M in order to facilitate transport on the highway on a low-bed trailer and to be able to drive underneath pipe frames in the plant. The machine can be equipped with a radiographic remote control as well as a standard remote control with a cable.