Accessories for dry ice blasting systems













Dry ice scrambler
The blasting system is filled with conventional 3 mm dry ice pellets. The pellets enter the scrambler where they are compressed and reduced to crystalline particles of approximately 0.5 mm in size between two rollers working in opposite directions. The particles accelerate the cooling of the workpiece and thus increase the removal effect without having an abrasive effect. This mechanism is particularly suitable for cleaning control cabinets, printed circuit boards, generators, welding lines, printing machines, casting moulds, facades, glass etc.  


Air treatment filters
Special filters for poor quality air . The filters protect the pneumatic systems of the unit.  



System for cleaning pipelines
Robotic system for inside pipe cleaning from DN250 to DN400 mm  



Dry ice blasting guns
Dry ice blasting guns for one hose and two hose systems  
















Nozzle for dry ice blasting
Large range of nozzles in order to choose the best nozzle according to the cleaning application.  



























Dry ice blasting hoses
Hoses for dry ice blasting machines  












Thermo box
Special boxes for storing dry ice pellets.Boxes from 100 kg to 200 kg capacity.