TORBO - Abrasive wet blasting system

TORBO abrasive wet blasting, is a system that uses abrasive mixed with water in a tank. It uses 80% abrasive and 20 % water and this mixture is under pressure of 12 bar in the tank.
The blasting of the mixture is done with the use of compressed air.


Each grain is micro encapsulated with water, held on by surface tension. This increases the mass of the grit to increase the hitting power. It also files as a perfect sphere in the airflow, increasing the speed and is lubricated to almost eliminate hose and nozzle wear.
BANG! the grit stops dead, embedding in the surface coating. The water jacket continues moving but still holding onto the grain by surface tension, giving a second hammer blow and stopping any grit bounce.
BANG! the water jacket jerks round the grit into the crack, under the coating and hydrostatically blasts a large amount of surface coating away.
The end result - a profiled surface, feathered edges and the most efficient use of the least amount of grit and water possible



ul li Up to 60 % less blasting abrasive required in comparison with conventional blasting devices (for cleaning approx. 175 to 300 kg/day; for renovating approx. 550 to 850 kg/day)
ul li Very low water consumption (approx. 60 to 170 l/day for blasting)
ul li Usage even at height differences (from tank to blasting nozzle) of up to 250m
ul li Wide range of usage (from monument cleaning to steel renovation)
ul li Can be used in any kind of weather over 4°C
ul li High area capacity (comparable with dry blasting)
ul li Always ready for immediate operation
ul li One-man operation
ul li Up to 95 % less dust formation (in comparison with dry blasting)
ul li Mostly no or little housing required
ul li No pre-dried blasting abrasive necessary (reducing storage costs)
ul li Multi-usage of blasting abrasive possible
ul li No electrostatic charging of blast shot
ul li Long service live of all wearing parts
ul li Additives, e.g. rust retarders or conserving agents can be implemented

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