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Sewer Cleaner


City-Sewer cleaner 

Type I with 6.500 l capacity, stainless steel tank, tip emptying, suction hose trays, hydraulically operated suction hose boom, vacuum pump, suction capacity 900 m³/h, high pressure pump with 153 l/min at 130 bars, hydraulically driven hose drum for 3/4“-hose, radio remote control, winterization kit with heater, ADR-certification



Combined sewer cleaner typ 2 with water recycling

Combined sewer cleaner, stainless steel tank, capacity 15.000 litres, variable tank partition via piston, tilppable, cassete hose boom, water ring vacuum pump with 3.100 m³/h, high pressure pump with 350 l/min at 205 bars, water recycling, large and small hose drum, radio remote control, rotary lobe pump 127 m³/h

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