Outside Bundle Cleaning Equipment

outisdebundlecleaner03 200 200 s c1 smart scale outisdebundlecleaner02 200 200 s c1 smart scale outisdebundlecleaner05 200 200 s c1 smart scale outisdebundlecleaner09 200 200 s c1 smart scale outisdebundlecleaner10 200 200 s c1 smart scale

The tube bundle is placed on two optional heavy duty rollers, which can be controlled from the cabin of the operator. The bundles are being cleaned by means of a horizontally driven nozzle bar, which can also move vertically and towards the bundle to get the best cleaning results. The right combination of water pressure (up to 1000 bar) and flow, removes scaling, coke, polymers, etc. without the use of any additional cleaning materials.

The outside bundle cleaner has a horizontal stroke of 9.50 metres and the maximum height is 1.85 metres. The speed is adjustable from the cabin from 0-1 m/sec in order to get the best cleaning results. All hydraulic controls are placed in the cabin where the operator can sit comfortably and safely without being exposed to the dirt coming back from the bundle. The power pack is situated behind the cabin, easily accessible and all hydraulic hoses are fitted with quick connectors for easy transportation.

As an machine can handle a lot more water to clean in between the tubes, the bundle can be cleaned all the way up to the centre and the risks for accidents is down to a minimum.