Electronic water treatment devices protect effectively the tubes from limestone, deposits ,salts and corrosion.

Every water consumer is earlier or later confronted with deposits of limestone, furred up tubes and low pressure, or corrosion and tube fractions.

These damages, as corrosion, load of drinking water by iron oxide or copper oxide, or increasing energy costs because of lime deposits in boilers, and other water leading facilities etc. will not be perceived until the become visible in a form of water pressure lose, necessity of exchange of pumps, machines and facilities or renovation of tubes because of fractions, especially in hot water areas.

Expenses for repairs or exchange of facilities will surpass multiple the costs for a preventive installation of our water treatment devices.
A microprocessor controlled current pulse, enables a best adaptation to the water consumption and the different hardness of water. The device is constructed from stainless steel and the processor is resistant against humidity.

Moreover the devices have TUV certificate.

The devices can be used in:
• Buildings
• Hospitals
• Hotels
• Industries
• Ships

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