MAVICO LTD represents VIANOVA ENGINEERING. VIANOVA ENGINEERING is a company with 40 years experience in the field of producing industrial process systems.

Main activity of the company is the design, the construction , the start up and follow up, of industrial process systems for:

• Shipyards
• Ports
• Steel mills
• Pipeline mills
• Metallurgical industries

The product range of the company includes electromagnets, scrap electromagnets ,magnet cranes, Inverter Power Switchboards for Cranes,Magnetic Power Switchboard for Cranes.,Jib Cranes for Harbor, Ports and Shipyards, System for the Transportation of Naval Blocks, Automatic Welding Machines, Track Welding Machines. ,Shot Blasting Units for plates and profiles.,Painting Units, Drying Ovens and Preheating Ovens, Scrubber, Bag Filters, Standard Wheels with Motorized Shaft customized for all type of cranes.

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