Pigging system is based on a process whih is in principle very simple : A shaped plug , the Pig is used to push out the contents of a pipe in order to pump, fill,mix and separate large quantities of substance and also to clean pipes.

Pigging technology is an economical and enviromental friendly method of pipeline cleaning. Pigging technology can be used in materials such as liquids, sludge, slurries,granules, powders.

Application of Pigging technology:
• Refineries / petrochemicals
• Lube oils
• Pharmaceutical industries
• Cosmetics
• Food industries
• Drinks / wine industries
• Chemical industries
• Paint industries

The advantage of pigging technology:

Cost saving

• Fewer pipes can be used to convey a wide range of products due to excellent separation methods
• Minimal loss of valuable raw materials and products
• Reduced of waste water and cleaning agents.
• No deposits or encrustation in pipes.

Quality assurance

• No mixing of products
• High cleaning standards

Enviromental protection

• No residual products
• Almost no waste water produced that require treatment

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