The innovative RPR Rust and Paint Removal systems is a cost effective and extremely efficient method for removing paint and corrosion products from steel surfaces. This patented system is based on induction heating- a proven reliable technology that disbonds any material from steel surfaces.

How the system works:
The inductor head generates the electromagnetic field and is moved by the RPR operator over the surface to be treated. At the position of the inductor head, the steel reaches the required, pre-set temperature range within milliseconds. This causes instant disbonding between paint, rust, mill scale, etc.

With the induction heat penetrating only 0.3-0.5 mm into the substrate, paint and rust will be disbonded on the treated side of the object, while any coating on the reverse side will not be damaged or affected at all.

Paint, rust, mill scale etc. come loose and can easily be peeled off or removed otherwise with scraper tools or similar equipment. Oil and grease residues present on the surface will also be removed by RPR induction heating.

A general recommendation is that steel objects to be RPR induction-treated should have a minimum thickness of 5 mm (slightly less than 1/4"). RPR has been tested on steel plates of 3 mm thickness (just under 1/8"). The coatings removal was a success, but RPR recommends that operators themselves run trial tests on all steel less than 5mm before full coatings removal jobs.

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